Falcon 900EX Aircraft Model

16 "实心顶棚
铭牌 $ 5.00 徽标 $ 10.00

The three-engine aircraft jet model 900EX can travel as fast as 870 kph. This is why this jet airplane model  is best for inter-continental trips. The interior set-up can be configured depending on the passengers’ preference and it can accommodate as much as 14 individuals. Falcon is integrated with an improved avionics system that comes with flight management system, inertial reference system and air-data system. The F900EX was then upgraded to the F900EX EASy with a new Avionics system that delivers more accurate GPS-based approach results. Are down for a new scale model aircraft to add on your custom airplane model collection? Do you want a large model airplane as big as 12 feet? Modelworks will assist you to get your dream model aircraft. Do you also have an eye for other desktop models like the military aircraft models, WW2 airplane models or just private aircrafts? Tell us and we’ll gladly accept the challenge! Dial 1-844-8MODELS now!