Lake Buccaneer LA4-200

16 "实心顶棚
铭牌 $ 5.00 徽标 $ 10.00

Originally built as the Colonial C-2 Skimmer, Bucaneer is a four-seater single-engined amphibian flying boat developed in the 1940s. C-2 Skimmer is a fixed-wing aircraft with stabilizing floats each below the wing; it has a single step-hull and a retractable gear underneath. It can cruise at a speed of 112mph to 123mph and can travel as fast as 125mph. If you’re a scale model collector for amphibious aircraft models, then you’ve come to the right place. The Bucaneer’s unique build is a must-have for someone like you. Fine scale modeler, ModelworksDirect offers a wide range of custom-made desktop aircraft models of sizes from 12 inches to 12 feet, handmade model airplane kits and model airplane supplies depending on your needs.