North America P-51 Mustang

16 "实心顶棚
铭牌 $ 5.00 徽标 $ 10.00

P-51 is among the fighter aircraft models deployed in World War II and the Korean War to name a few. It was a reconnaissance military aircraft also designed to conduct aerial surveys – collecting signal and imagery intelligence. It also became a specialized fighter-bomber. Just imagine Mustang getting off from the aircraft carrier model USS Boxer and dropping bombs at its targets, it’s such a bomb right? You can now get a hold of this military aircraft model in the palm of your hands. We at ModelworksDirect provide scale models of sizes 12 inches to 12 feet and options on painted canopy or clear canopy. Are you a fighter aircraft model enthusiast, a newbie scale model collector? This item can be one of your starter model airplanes together with the other WW2 airplane models on the list. It will be yours when you can dial 1-844-8MODELS now!