Cessna CitationJet M2

16 "实心顶棚
铭牌 $ 5.00 徽标 $ 10.00

M2 is a Citation family private jet model launched in October 1989. It has a pressurized cabin with a four-seat configuration enough for business executives and some staff. The jet airplane model is powered by the improved turbofans which makes it possible to  cruise at a  speed of 437mph. M2 aircraft model became the entry level airplane model produced by Cessna after the production for Citation Mustang jet model was wrapped up. Do you want to change the color, add some markings on the aircraft model? Tell us how you like your scale aircraft model done because we at ModelWorks Direct offers a wide range of possibilities you might not even think of. We have options on the paint color, model finish, markings, stickers and type of material of the Citation M2 scale model aircraft.