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There are multiple ways to order your favorite custom model. You can simply fill-out this order form or send us an email at Otherwise, call us at (224) 888-4800 to ask for a price quote for your preferred model. We accept any size and specifications. Remember that we build from scratch. Our MODELS are not part of any kit. MODELWORKS also has a VIP hotline (909) 999 3100 if you want to speak with members of our senior staff. 

  • See to it that you include as many photographs of the actual vehicle for scaling down to the model. You can also send us available reference materials. This will help a lot so that we can exactly match your vehicle.
  • The price of the model will depend on the difficulty level, measurements and specifications.
  • Our company requires a 50% deposit or down payment with the balance to be paid upon completion of the item and prior to shipping.
  • We will send you photographs of the completed model for your approval before proceeding with the shipment.
  • Use the order form below.