16 "实心顶棚
铭牌 $ 5.00 徽标 $ 10.00

Baron has three basic model units: the Baron 55, Baron 56 and Baron 58 with several sub-variants each that was used for government operation. The three of them only differ on some aspects such as the model airplane engine and parts but the original aircraft design is dominant. The variant T-42A Cochise on the other hand is a military aircraft model version of the Baron 55. The details on the six-seat Baron aircraft scale model will surely be delivered by our expert craftsmen and scale modellers. It would be best to order the clear canopy aircraft option if you want to emphasize a particular element such as the cockpit. This scale model can be ordered in sizes up to 12 feet. Alterations on the design, parts and aircraft model fittings is absolutely possible. Modelworksdirect also offers aircraft model kits, package inclusions such as the model airplane stand, and scale aircraft modelling kit items like the model airplane glue and other model airplane building supplies.

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