关于 ModelWorks Direct


ur Company is owned and managed by Direct Model Fabricators. We may be a small enterprise. Nevertheless, MODELWORKS Direct is a highly regarded builder of Philippines model units. In fact, we have the capability to be at par or even surpass other model builders globally. We formulated a business model that ensures providing clients with custom built models at a fraction of the cost competitor firms charge.

Here are just some of our popular Philippines model products:

  • Custom models from 12 inches up to 21 feet
  • Aircraft models
  • Helicopter models
  • Yacht models
  • Train models
  • Automobile models

The ‘Real Deal’
Here’s the fact!  Many of the “Pilot-Owned Model Builders” do not have the competence to build even a single model using their hands. On the contrary, our company is a genuine Philippines model builder. Our prestigious clients include the following:

  • Google
  • Good Year
  • Maersk Corporation
  • Epic Fuels

Our YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/modelworks showcases our variety of products bannered by model airplanes. In fact, we can safely say that MODELWORKS Direct has a ‘mastery of fabrication’ that is second to none. Our products have been handmade right in our facility in the Philippines. We do not outsource from other countries, especially China. You can see a big difference!


We are known for many positive things! One is that we build our products like model airplanes. Another is we build everything from scratch. MODELWORKS Direct is transparent to all its stakeholders about its business. We even make it a point to feature many of our models on YouTube and Facebook Page to highlight our expertise. We can always boast that our company exceeds the expectations of our clientele.

The truth is we only employ 25 artists. Our senior business partners consist of a Master Model Builder with over 20 years of experience. Another partner is a Design Architect with an exceptional portfolio of accomplishments. Likewise, our family of Artisans has more than 100 years of combined experience.


With MODELWORKS Direct, you don’t deal with middle-men and free-lancers.
We are legitimate professional builders of custom airplane models, custom car models, and other genuine custom models.
Our one-stop-shop is the economical and authentic source of custom models for trade shows, corporate souvenirs or hobby collection.
Besides, we can fabricate the best custom airplane models, custom car models, and other genuine custom models for hobbyists from drawings or photographs.

Our skilled artisans have gained prominence over the years. Our team is composed of creative individuals who have made their mark in building the finest custom model products. These crafts workers can hand-carve a scale model from solid wood and paint their masterpieces manually. All of them have an eye for the smallest detail and ensure 100% well-made finished items.

Notwithstanding their individual flair, our team of craftsmen has only been together for five years. However, we have built THOUSANDS and look forward to creating more models. Some companies even purchased model cars and model airplanes from us to sell to their customers.

来自Direct 工匠的优质手工模型

Our 25 person company consist of Artist from various branches of the creative world. The senior business partners consist of a Master Model Builder with more than 20 years of experience. Another partner is a Design Architect with a portfolio of accomplishments. Our family of Artisans has more than 100 years of combined experience.

Despite our humble beginnings, our team of artisans has only come together in the past 5 years. However, our Artisan has previously worked for other established companies before joining the Modelworks team. We can proudly say that we have indirectly built THOUSANDS of models for other companies around the world. Don’t be surprised if you discover that a model you purchased from another company was in fact fabricated by Modelworks!

Our factory is geographically located in Pampanga, Philippines near the former US Subic Naval Base and the former Clark Air Force Base. Our strategic location and history provide us with a pool of talent and expertise in Military Ships Models, Custom Aircraft Models and just about any handmade model on this planet from 12 inches to 21 feet in size.

The simplest analogy to describe Modelworks Direct is by associating our organization with the US Navy’s SEAL Team. We also operate in small teams that are highly trained and skilled. Like the Navy Seal Teams, our Artisans can rival any custom builder in the world while providing wholesale pricing that much corporate organization cannot financially afford. ModelWorks “mean and lean” organizational structure has virtually no “dead weight.” We don’t have overpaid secretaries or luxurious showrooms. What you do get is the highest quality model at the lowest feasible price. Experience the “Modelworks Difference” today.


Herman Bongco
Herman BongcoSenior Partner | Chief Technology Officer
Herman Bongco is our Senior Partner and Chief Technology Officer.
He is a retired architect and the United States Armed Forces veteran.
Herman acts as the Company’s lead in client relations and customer service.
As a professional architect, he also reviews and approves blueprints and photographs. Herman’s mastery of building fabrication and attention to detail has equipped him with the talent as a guru in building practically everything from structures to model cars and model airplanes.
His technical expertise covers various areas like Voice-over-IP, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web hosting, Security, and Data Management. He has formulated a system for planning, monitoring, tracking, sharing and creating catalogues. This he shares with our clients during the entire building process.
Herman has efficiently managed projects worth more than US$10 billion comprising building development and network backbones all over the world. In this kind of work, he was able to visit 50 cities worldwide. Thus, he possesses a vast appreciation of different cultures and values. His adeptness in customer service translates to the excellent quality of products that MODELWORKS Direct produces. His diverse technical background in building, technology, project management, quality assurance, and Internet Technology have been the major factors for his sterling achievements in this industry.
Herman Bongco is an Associate, American Institute of Architects (AIA); Microsoft-certified MCITP and MCSA; CompTIA Certified Security+; CompTIA Certified Network+; VMware Certified; and ITIL Certified.
Lincoln Uson
Lincoln UsonPartner | Regional Operations Director
Lincoln is also a Partner and Director for the Company’s Regional Operations.
His experience in building a custom model started at a young age of 10. Actually, he built models to earn money.
Lincoln’s extreme passion and burning desire are the primary reasons why he became a pioneer in the Global Custom Model Industry. Through his proficiency and hard work, he successfully fabricated around 50,000 models using his ‘bare hands.’
Lincoln Uson uses a hands-on approach that further spurred the success of our Company. Many model building firms are owned and operated by people without any knowledge in creating a custom model. On the contrary, MODELWORKS is run by persons who are specialists in model building and entrepreneurship. Using his dexterities, Lincoln was able to put up another enterprise which operates under the name of Fiberwerx and Fiberworks International Brand.
Lincoln Uson is an acclaimed Master Model Builder and Custom Fiberglass Expert with over 30 years of experience in Fabrication works.
The motto of our Company goes like this: “If you can think of it, MODELWORKS can build it.” Needless to say, this is not just another fancy maxim. It is what the Company is all about.
Thanks to the fabrication know-how of Lincoln Uson, the ModelWorks family of companies has built high-profile projects. Some of these projects include a 5 foot Model for the Maersk Corporation and a 10 foot Globe for TV5. One of our latest Fiberglass projects is a 20-foot Circular slide for the Google Corporation in Manila. When it comes to the Modelworks Brand, we are simply one of the best if not the best.
Dave Rohee
Dave RoheeCorporate Communications | Corporate Writer
Dave is our Corporate Communications Manager and Corporate Writer.
He is a retired airline pilot and aviation consultant. He has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Dave currently lives in Florida and authored a book, “Kidnapped: A Living Nightmare”. It is about a true to life incident that vividly describes the terror of abduction in a foreign country. This international kidnapping happened to a Canadian businessman who opened an aviation business in China in 2001.