One of the most sought ship models(Titanic Custom Model) is the RMS Titanic.

With its elegant lines and luxurious interiors, Titanic is the most sophisticated and magnificent passenger ship of her time.

Built by the British passenger line  White Star, RMS Titanic was deemed to be an ‘unsinkable ship’, but when she struck an iceberg in the freezing waters of the Northern Atlantic ocean, Titanic and all the 1500 or more so souls were lost at sea.

Ironically, it was Titanics’ maiden voyage starting from Wales Southampton to New York City when this misfortune happened.

After that tragedy, RMS Titanic stood as a symbol and testament to human ingenuity and ability.

titanic model

The Titanic was a true marvel.

It was a breathtaking experience for all those who had the opportunity.

The grandiosity that Titanic represents will always stay with us, and to celebrate its legendary history, MindWorks Direct is now adding Titanic models to their list of customizable items.

A Titanic model ship is an elegant accent for the executive office or the perfect gift for the inquisitive and creative child.

It is also a perfect item to collect if you’re a fan.

Titanics’ eloquent design is one piece of engineering brilliance that needs to transcend time, and models that capture its elegance and beauty should be patronized.

Rich with history and faithfully reproduced with unparalleled accuracy and realism,  you can find the perfect Titanic model ship for you at  MindWorks Direct.

Details for Titanic Models

Titanic Custom Models are available in 14″, 40″ and museum-sized 72″ that will leave you mesmerized.

All Titanic custom models are handled by experienced artisans and painstakingly built from scratch.

MindWorks Direct does not use Titanic model kits that you can buy online.

titanic model

Models are made from the finest quality of wood that is carefully treated to ensure that they can withstand severe climate and never warp or split.

Every minute detail of the ship is painted, carved, or customized to make the models a perfect replica of the RMS Titanic.

Extensive research is done, including museum tours, books, and videos to be able to build the perfect model according to scale.

Astounding details like pipes, ladders, vents, and lifeboats that cover the deck of the ship are all minutely placed within the model.

All ladders, staircases, and handrails are molded by hand and made from a delicate metal wire.

Windows and portholes are scaled exactly to size and are positioned according to the original RMS Titanic construction plans.

The open promenade decks are visible through the superstructure windows.

The precise detailing of its triple propeller design is placed with accuracy.

The anchors and metal trussed crane booms with twin cables and pulleys on cargo hooks are carefully shaped and installed. 

Artists separate lattice grates on all ducts and vents. Metal slat deck benches are placed rather than solid carved wood.

The paints used on the cruise ship are carefully mixed to match the exact true colors of the original RMS Titanic.

Showcased on a wall-mounted display shelf or in a rosewood display case, our Titanic model ship is an elegant addition to both the home and the office.

The Beauty of Customized Models

Customization of ships always starts from its hull.

The woods will be treated, dried, shaped, and then assembled according to the scale the customer desires.

Steel thin plates would then be cut and drilled.

It would then be layered skillfully on the hull with a powerful adhesive.

Next would be cutting out patterns for the decks. Coloring and pasting them to one another to match the layers of the Titanic.

Details for every deck will be checked- like windows, ladders, and handrails.

There would be many repetitive parts and it is the artist’s job to check if every deck is synchronized and on point.

All decks would be layered exactly as what the original RMS Titanic looks like.

Details like chains for anchors and metal brass seats and wires that hold the funnel will all be placed with calculated accuracy.

Customers can also choose if they want their models to have LED lights or not.

After the Titanic model is finished, it will be encased in glass, supported by a rosewood base or,

the model can be inside a wall-mounted display shelf that can be easily installed at home.


Customized and hand-made Titanic model ships are recently getting popular.

Even before now, there were Titanic model kits available commercially – like a DIY project that you can make at home, but those kind does not last very long.

A customized ship that is made of treated wood and metal plates, this Titanic model ship will surely endure time.

And MindWorks Direct will help you achieve this timeless replica you’ve been eying on.

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