Custom Large Scale Aircraft Models

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ModelWorks Direct skillfully makes custom aircraft models and other aerial mechanisms.

We can offer to build a variety of wood airplane that includes; commercial airplanes, military, and naval planes, private planes, helicopters, customized planes and a lot more!


  • 正確なカスタムスケールモデルの商業飛行機、軍用機、海軍機、自家用機、ヘリコプター、カスタマイズされた飛行機、その他多数!
  • Realistic museum quality custom aircraft models made from scratch
  • 職人が所有する会社。熟練の職人による手作り
  • 高品質、低価格、低オーバーヘッド。大きく節約!
  • ハンドペイントでリアルな外観を実現。
  • スケールモデリングビジネスで21年以上の経験を持っています

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Get Quote For Your Favorite Plane Model

ModelWorks fabricates a variety of custom aircraft models. These wood airplane custom models are made directly at our factory and scrutinized to the smallest details by our artisans and architects.

Since our models are 100% handmade at our factory, we are able to customize each wood airplane model to the smallest details. Customers are able to specify the model, size, paint scheme, markings, features, and even the smallest details which are unique to their order. These custom aircraft models are literally “made-to-order” and considered one of a kind.

ModelWorks Direct fabricates a variety of custom airplane models which include private aircraft, commercial aircraft, custom helicopter models, fighter jets, military aircraft, acrobatic planes, and more. The factory has a database of over 10,000 types of aircraft photos, bluebooks, and specifications.

However, since each model is unique to each customer, most models are further customized from photographs. The photos are a snapshot in time and allow our fabricators to capture not only the custom aircraft models and types but the condition and details of a given aircraft at a specific point in time.

Some of these custom aircraft models can capture a special moment, like the first solo flight of a pilot’s career, or a collection of aircraft which represent the various types of aircraft a pilot has flown through his entire career. However, pilots are not the only customers we serve.

We also make wood airplane models for manufacturers, FBO/fixed-based operations, US Military, aircraft interior designers, helicopter painters, and a lot more. According to the NBAA (National Business Aviation Association), there are “Tens of thousands of businesses in the business aviation community.”

Most model fabrication companies are operated by businessmen, pilots or executives. However, few are able to fabricate an actual model. Modelworks is different because the company is owned and operated by architects and master fabricators. Unlike other companies that simply buy their models from freelancers, Modelworks has its own factory with “handpicked” artisans.

Each Modelworks artisan has a minimum of 10 years of experience. The seven-member senior team at ModelWorks Direct has a combined experience level of 100+ years in model fabrication. The team members are architects, fabricators, airbrush experts, carvers, sculptors, and master scratch-built modelers.