Boeing 747 Custom Airplane Model

16 " ソリッドキャノピー
署名プレート $5.00 ロゴ $10.00

This airline airplane model is a jet aircraft powered by four engines which provide exceptional power to function also as a cargo aircraft. In the 1960s to 1970s, demand for jet plane transportation was at its peak resulting in the increase of production on the Boeing aircraft units including the 747 airplane model. The airplane scale model in the photo above shows the 747 variant 200 which had an improved quadjet engine and a higher maximum takeoff weight. The other variant 747-400 had a new glass cockpit which allowed a crew of two instead of three. Do you want the other variants of the 747 scale model? Get any Boeing scale airplane models from us! We have model airplane kits and model airplane building supplies. We also provide options for you to customize the airplane model of your dreams!

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We are known for many positive things! One is that we build our products like model airplanes. Another is we build everything from scratch. ModelWorks Direct is transparent to all its stakeholders about its business. We even make it a point to feature many of our models on YouTube and Facebook Page to highlight our expertise. We can always boast that our company exceeds the expectations of our clientele.

The truth is we only employ 25 artists. Our senior business partners consist of a Master Model Builder with over 20 years of experience. Another partner is a Design Architect with an exceptional portfolio of accomplishments. Likewise, our family of Artisans has more than 100 years of combined experience.