Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

16 " ソリッドキャノピー
署名プレート $5.00 ロゴ $10.00

Are you looking for vintage model airplanes, WW2 model airplanes, scale model military aircraft units to be made as desktop model airplanes to decorate your office? Then this Boeing B-17 might just be the one for you! The WW2 airplane model unit flying fortress is a 1930s heavy bomber packed with a four-engine mechanism. B-17 was used in sustained aerial attacks on enemy’s territory during World War II. Get a scale metal aircraft model of the flying fortress or a wooden model aircraft painted with a shiny finish. We at ModelworksDirect provide scale models of sizes 12 inches to 12 feet and options on painted canopy, clear canopy or even do it 50-50. Are you  a WW2 enthusiast who’s also interested in military vehicles, aircraft and ship models used in the said war? Find them in our gallery now!