American Champion 8GCBC Scout

16 " ソリッドキャノピー
署名プレート $5.00 ロゴ $10.00

There were only 350 scouts produced before halting the production in 1981 from its original manufacturer Bellanca. The aircraft model design lived as it was passed down to a couple of companies until the American Champion acquired it. The Scout was primarily used in bush flying or operations in rough terrain because of its huge tires and short takeoff and landing capability. The typical color of the airplane model would be red and white but the scale model aircraft of the unit can be ordered in different color combinations of your choice! Model airplane store and fine-scale modeler Modelworks offers a wide range of choices in customizing your dream aircraft scale model. From the canopy type to customizing the aircraft interior, we can do almost everything. Order this 8GCBC Scout and tell us how you like it done.