Tradeshow Exhibit Models Fascinate Customers With Stunning Custom Aircraft Models


Modelworks exhibit models are custom-built and well-engineered. Each model is made to order and is an awesome work of art. They are made with aviation marketing in mind and are designed to grab attention and produce excitement.

Modelworks aircraft models are made to highlight your brand and synchronize with your aviation marketing goals. Our large scale exhibit models are elegant works of art and are museum quality, making them ideal for high profile CORPORATE moments.

Our build teams works with your deadlines to ensure on-time delivery. Our standard production time is 12 weeks but, each project is unique so timelines will vary. Modelworks can accommodate most urgent orders and ship to any location worldwide.

About ModelWorks Direct

Modelworks Direct is a fine-scale modeler based in San Dimas, California.  They fabricate a wide variety of Custom Models from 12 inches to 21 feet. They have offices in the USA, Japan, and the Philippines. produces the world’s finest handcrafted models. They fabricate models from client’s photos and specific requirements. Models produced are museum-quality models catering to military, civilian, airline, and tradeshow industry. Modelworks Direct offers a wide array of products. Some of the models include the following:

Custom Airplane Models, cargo ship models, cruise ship models, helicopters Models, ship Models, boat models, Handcrafted sailboats, space shuttles, and a wide variety of Maritime Models. Customers may select from over 1,000 unique models including private aircraft, passenger airliners, models from WW I, WW II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Persian Gulf eras.

Modelworks’ superb craftsmanship has allowed this to develop a strong following.  The quality of their model’s appeal of aviation, ships, and the transportation industry lead to the success of the company. The company also makes aero-sculptures that are true works of art. Contact Modelworks today to know more about their capabilities, call 1-844-8MODELS or visit their website and chat using their 24/7 Chat system.