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ModelWorks Large Airplane Models

Modelworks stands out as the sole corporate modeler owned by the seasoned craftspeople at Real Fabricators. We serve as your comprehensive hub for all your custom model needs, from intricate wooden aircraft models to large-scale airplane models and customized diecast cars. Whether you are gearing up for a tradeshow or seeking exceptional corporate gifts for your VIPs, Modelworks is distinguished as the only Architect and Master Model Builder accredited by the NBAA (National Business Aviation Association), AOPA (Aircraft Operators Pilots Association), and EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association). 

Whether you’re a pilot, car enthusiast, or yacht aficionado, Modelworks excels in crafting detailed replicas from any photo or drawing. Our specialties include historically significant World War 2 aircraft models and beautifully crafted wooden airplane models, ensuring each piece resonates with authenticity and precision.


How it Works

ModelWorks Direct stands out as a unique entity in the model fabrication industry, guided by over 40 years of expertise from our architect and fabricator owners. We directly oversee the creation of custom airplane models and custom aircraft models, ensuring quality and precision. Our collection features vintage airplane models, detailed scale airplane models, and meticulously crafted military airplane models. Each piece reflects our commitment to excellence, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts seeking the best airplane models for sale.

At ModelWorks, we cater to all scales and complexities, from desktop airplane models to full-scale exhibition pieces. We are experts in crafting big airplane models and museum quality aircraft models with options for fully custom paint schemes and intricate interior details, achieving an unparalleled level of customization.

While airplanes are our specialty, our capabilities extend to creating mahogany aircraft models, aircraft display models, and even custom wooden airplane models. Our detailed craftsmanship also encompasses model ships, boats, yachts, and custom-made wall plaques, ensuring every model is a showcase piece. Whether for personal enjoyment or a prestigious museum display, our models stand out for their quality and authenticity.

ModelWorks Direct is passionately led by actual fabricators, Master Fabricator Lincoln Uson and Architect Herman Bongco. Visit our full-scale site at Fiberglass to see our detailed work. With over 20,000 models built “with our bare hands,” we stand out from others who may use low-cost labor for substandard models.

Our product range includes Cirrus model airplanes, Gulfstream model airplanes, Cessna model airplanes, versatile airplane desk models, and precise airplane replica models. As the only owner-operated model fabricator recognized by the NBAA, EAA, and AOPA, every model is personally inspected and crafted to perfection. Discover the ModelWorks difference—where craftsmanship meets excellence.

The MODELWORKS Direct Team: Masters of Scale Model Airplanes

At MODELWORKS Direct, our veteran architects, builders, and fabricators bring over 40 years of hands-on experience to every project. From intricate balsa wood aircraft models to impressive large-scale replicas, we personally craft each piece with precision and care.

What sets us apart from competitors?

Unlike many companies that outsource or use cheap labor, we are the industry’s only operator-builders. This means we directly oversee and create every scale model airplane, ensuring unparalleled quality and attention to detail. Our expertise and dedication make MODELWORKS Direct your premier choice for the finest plane models and model cars for sale.

Experience the difference true craftsmanship makes – choose MODELWORKS Direct, where passion meets precision in model fabrication.

ModelWorks Direct: Excellence in Scale Models

Globally recognized for outstanding craftsmanship, ModelWorks Direct offers a diverse range of precision models. Our expert artisans create everything from desktop to large scale airplane models, including wooden aircraft model kits, navy and military airplane replicas, automobiles, boats, ships, yachts, and custom plaques.

Each piece, whether for exhibitions or personal collections, embodies unparalleled artistry and attention to detail. At ModelWorks Direct, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide custom solutions and unmatched quality across our entire product line. Experience the difference with ModelWorks Direct, where passion meets precision in model building.

Architect Herman Bongco and Master Fabricator Lincoln Uson are at the helm of MODELWORKS Direct. The owners and top executives of our company have personally built more than 20,000 models manually. MODELWORKS Direct is the only owner-operated model fabricator in the National Business Aviation Association (NBAAA), Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Aircraft Operators and Pilots Association (AOPA).

MODELWORKS Direct is strategically located in Central Luzon, Pampanga (Philippines). It is close to the former United States Clark Air Force Base and Subic Naval Base in Olongapo City. Our highly-skilled artists operate in small teams similar to the US Navy Seals. At the same time, we offer wholesale prices for model cars and model airplanes that other companies cannot match. In short, you get quality models at the lowest price. This is what we call the “MODELWORKS DIFFERENCE.”

Some Fun Facts about ModelWorks Direct

Each Artisan’s Typical Years of Experience
Number of Artisans per Model Building Team
Years of Combined Fabrication Experience
Up to 500 Hours Spent on Each Model

The expertise of our genuine artisans cannot be doubted. While we are a start-up company composed of a resourceful team of model-builders, the experience acquired by these innovative individuals is considered top-notch or in a class all by itself. Through the years, we have been acclaimed as one of the top-notch model-makers of aircrafts, ships, and custom vehicles.

ModelWorks Direct is a designer and creator of hand-made models built from scratch by expert craftsmen, model-builders, and fabricators. What does custom-made mean? Our skilled artisans are well-versed in copying from photos or images as well as available blueprints. All our customized models are painstakingly hand-carved using solid and high-quality wood. In addition to that, they are painted by hand. Therefore, our craftsmen take care of even the smallest details. Clients also have an option of providing digital pictures and indicate their preferences regarding colors and other specificaitions.
Unparalleled Expertise in Crafting Precision Models

At ModelWorks, our team of seasoned artisans brings decades of experience to every project. While we’re a dynamic startup, our innovative model-builders have earned acclaim as top-tier creators of aircraft, ship, and custom vehicle replicas.

Direct Craftsmanship

We specialize in DIRECT model creation, ensuring each airplane replica model and aircraft display model meets exact customer specifications. Our craftsmen, with nearly 30 years of collective experience, have produced desktop airplane models for global corporations and distinguished individuals alike.

Affordable Excellence

We’re committed to delivering classic-looking wooden aircraft models and airplane collectibles at competitive prices. Our satisfaction guarantee includes a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied. Each ModelWorks creation is infused with passion and crafted with soul.

Masterpieces Without Compromise

Quality is never sacrificed, even at our accessible price points. We craft each model from scratch, eschewing pre-made kits. In fact, we often supply models to other creators. For example, while a large custom aircraft model typically retails between $3,500 and $4,000, we offer the same quality for just $2,500 – a substantial saving of $1,000 to $1,500.

Choose ModelWorks for unrivaled quality in desktop airplane models, aircraft display models, and all your modeling needs.

ModelWorks ensures customized solutions for hobbyists, collectors, and companies in line with our highly developed skills, professionalism, and artistic proficiency. We say time and time again that our primary goal is to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. We always keep in mind that we will not be in this business without our valued customers. We strive at all times to create excellent value along with absolute customer satisfaction.

About Us

ModelWorks ensures customized solutions for hobbyists, collectors, and companies in line with our highly developed skills, professionalism, and artistic proficiency. We say time and time again that our primary goal is to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. We always keep in mind that we will not be in this business without our valued customers. We strive at all times to create excellent value along with absolute customer satisfaction.


Hands down the most realistic replica I have ever ordered. The interior detailing is second to none. Many companies can only provide painted windows. Model Works were able to provide with a full interior at a very high quality while providing a very competitive rate.

Susan, Las Vegas

One of the best customer service that I have experienced. They worked with me with every detail of my custom order.

Capt Richard Reyes, Retired Pilot PAL

I could not believe the product was so well made. The attention to detail was so amazing.

Capt. Michael Abott, Retired Navy Officer

I wanted to mail you earlier, but the holidays really messed up my schedule, so I didn’t get to letting you know that the models came in on Christmas Eve. Right on time 😊

They look amazing. Thanks to everyone involved in building them. Dutch is very happy with the result. So again, a big THANK YOU!

Best wishes,

Laureen Schenk LL.M., Research Coordinator

These guys were awesome. They were willing to satisfy my difficult requires and the best part of my experience was working with directly with the owners of the company. They were willing to bend over backwards and very flexible with my needs and even gave me a discount for being a return customer.

John , Honululu, Hawaii

The balance of quality and the price they offer is hard to beat. I will be ordering again.

John Davito, SEO Omni Avaition

I have to say, this was one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. I absolutely love the work you have done to make this F4U perfect. I genuinely thank you for your hard work in the process. Please thank the other members of your team for me as well. This recent purchase is now the first in my collection of WWII era ships and planes I wish to begin compiling. I will for sure be reaching out to you again in the near future for more orders.

Adam, New York, USA

I appreciate the time and effort that went into this build. Your attention to detail and passion to ensure this build was perfect means more than I can explain. I am so happy!

Megan, Florida, USA

Please tell your group that the model was absolutely outstanding! It is the best work I have seen. (I have 9 other display models to compare with) Expect a second order from me for the same plane shortly. Please use me as a reference to other companies. Thank you!

Barry Lintz, Director of Aviation Services,Warsaw, IN 46582,

Hi Lincoln,
Just received the model they look great!
Thank you.

Polli Ogilvie, Director, Marketing and Communications
20130 Lakeview Center Plaza
Suite 100
Ashburn, VA 20147

Hi Herman,
Wow! Thank you for doing a great job to produce great product.

Ryan Mikolasik, Chief Marketing Officer, Epic Fuels,

Hi Herman and Lincoln,

All 5 boxes were received! We still have to unpack all of them, but we opened up the Moonlight II and were blown away! It is truly an incredible craftsmanship. We are looking forward to seeing all of them and to giving them as a gift to our client. Thank you again for all of your hard work and for making this gift possible.

Kirsten, Lauren, and the rest of the teams , CJ Corp, 1801 Century Park East Ste 2200 Los Angeles, CA 90067, United States

Received my order today and they look great. Thanks again for everything!!!!

Kevin Finn, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

My Aircraft Models Arrived in perfect condition. They were well packed and I am highly impressed at the quality and attention to detail. I will be recommending Modelworks to my customers and contacts. Thank you so much.

Albert Johnson, Portland, Oregon

Thank you again. The car is brilliant! Attached is the slide deck I did for my husband so he would have something to open on his birthday. I was, seriously, looking for several years, each birthday and Christmas.

Not sure what I will get for him next year!

Best wishes

Fiona H Alder

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