ModelWorks Direct: Celebrating Bombardier’s Triumph with the U.S. Army Spy Plane Prototype

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In a recent triumph, Bombardier Inc. secured a significant contract with the U.S. Army, marking a pivotal moment in aviation history. As we celebrate this achievement, ModelWorks Direct invites enthusiasts to own a piece of [...]

Unveiling the ‘Quiet’ Supersonic X-59 Demonstrator by NASA and Lockheed: A Leap into the Future

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In a captivating moment on January 12, NASA and Lockheed Martin unveiled the experimental X-59 aircraft, a creation poised to showcase the potential of “low-boom” supersonic flight. This revelation, held at Lockheed’s Skunk Works facility [...]

Unveiling the Secrets of Aircraft Design and Aerodynamics: A Guide to Custom Airplane Models

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In the realm of aviation enthusiasts, the intricacies of aircraft design and aerodynamics hold an unparalleled fascination. At ModelWorks Direct, we bring this passion to life by offering meticulously crafted custom airplane models that not [...]