Embraer Legacy 450

Product Description

Renowned for being a world-class leader in making model aircraft, Modelworks Direct continues to provide excellence in the field of fabrication, serving clients from all over the world. An employee-owned business, Modelworks Direct is operated by an architect and a master fabricator.

Built from scratch infusing mahogany, resin, metals, and composite materials, this Embraer Legacy model is one-of-a-kind. Using state-of-the-art fabricating technology, this model is properly sealed and painted in multiple layers to ensure long-lasting quality. Modelworks makes use of a 4-terabyte database, blueprints and customer photos to fabricate each custom model order. This model is made only by the best craftsmen at Modelworks Direct.

Embraer model comes with a high gloss base which can be removed. It can also be customized for your own company branding and logo.

Product Code

ITEM: Aircraft Legacy 450
Manufacturer: Embraer
Aircraft Custom Made Model


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