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custom made military humvee

This custom made handcrafted military humvee was handcrafted to perfection by our skilled artisans that work from every details that was provided by the customers photographs and specifications. Using only the highest quality materials available in the market ModelWorks skilled artisans crafted this one of a kind model to perfection. Modelworks is one of the rare companies owned and operated by an Architect and Master Model Builder. Contact us today at 18448MODELS.COM

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custom made lcm 6 model

During the Vietnam war the Mobile Riverine Force used LCM-6 Mod-0 and Mod-1 vessels converted into specialized fighting river craft designated as ATC. The craft had crew quarters built into part of the well deck and were fitted with sponsons. Three armored gun turrets revolved and sides were covered with 1" rebar intended to take the impact of exploding RPG rounds. Often ration boxes were placed between the rebar and inner plate armor to absorb shrapnel.

All "normal" ATCs were Program IV and were dedicated Armored Troop Carriers that moved troops of the US Ninth Infantry Division into combat with the enemy.

A few Program IV ATCs were further modified:

ATC-H had a helicopter deck installed above the well deck capable of landing a UH-1 Huey for MedEvac purposes.

ATC-R same as ATC-H with an added diesel fuel bladder in the well deck to refuel other ATCs or Hueys.

Program V ATC's were converted from LCM-6 Mod-2 craft which included Zippo Boats, 40mm Monitors and 105mm Monitors. Additionally there were 2 boats that had powerful water cannon machinery installed (ATC-WC) in the well deck which was used to hydraulically destroy enemy tunnels dug into the river banks. The first (Tango-14) was a Program IV craft and a follow on (Tango-32) a Program V.

"Irma La Douche"

Tango-14 was commanded by BM-1 Ray F. Longaker Jr. from 10/1969 to 10/1970 and operated on the rivers south of Saigon and west to the Cambodian border together with Tango 32. "The boat was a big slow target and going against the current with a flat bow ramp the top speed was maybe 4 knots. When in a fire fight we were in the kill zone a long time and had to fight our way out. Long time meaning melting the barrels off the machine guns. We were in a number of fire fights and its a wonder why nothing - including us - was hit." In the one year Tango-14 destroyed over 370 bunkers, spider-holes, trenches and booby traps, plus the capture of two significant enemy ammunition cashes.

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useful tips in buying and collecting model cars

The number of rabid collectors of model cars continues to grow year-by-year worldwide. In fact, our generation today can be aptly described as a “collectors’ world.”

Car models enthusiasts belong to a huge community which consists of specialty shops, hobby stores, trade shows/exhibits, online forums, websites, and auctions. Many collectors earn large profits by buying and selling custom built models. It is the camaraderie; self-fulfillment; and, joy that make collectors fall in love with their hobbies.

What is the primary reason for collecting all car models?
Well, it is more than the money as most vintage model cars can be priceless. Everything starts as a simple leisure pursuit and later turns into passion. Enthusiasts get a lot of pleasure by increasing their collections especially if these are very rare and invaluable. The best sources are hobby shops and sometimes, large toy retail outlets. Or, you can network with other collectors who may want to sell some pieces or recommend online communities. Fairs and conventions are also good places for buying the latest car models.

How does one become a collector of car models?
You need to begin at the bottom and go up to the top slowly. Make sure to learn all relevant things about all car models. It is essential to distinguish between genuine items and replicas, scale models and resources.

Pointers for New Collectors
Proceed cautiously. Otherwise, you may end up purchasing fake merchandise. Make a complete list of car models that you wish to stockpile. Upcoming collectors call for enough patience, initial seed money, space for displaying these models, and enthusiasm. Refrain from investing a big amount of money on your very first car model until such time that you have acquired sufficient experience as a collector.

Think like an entrepreneur and investor! Never consider profit alone. Analyze your prospective purchase carefully. Conduct your research before buying model cars. Talk to veteran collectors and learn some savvy techniques from them. Read web-based blogs, articles, posts and reviews. Use social media networking sites like FaceBook to exchange ideas and interact with other enthusiasts.

Monitor prices of all car models from time to time and read current news about trends, opportunities and available models. Do not forget to formulate your own list of car models which will serve as your guideline in looking for the best models.

Some Additional Hints
Indeed, this hobby can be very fulfilling although there are also many risks such as losing money or becoming too involved in this activity. You just have to loosen up. See to it that you exercise prudence at all times. The key is to just have fun. Take the advice of hobbyists who have been in this trade for so long. Car models should bring self-gratification, additional knowledge, motivation, and profits if you wish to transform this into an additional source of income.

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