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wooden models vs fiberglass
The modelworks sales process begins with identifying the Size, Quantity, Type, Classification, Details and photos of a given model. Models are primarily made of Wood, Resin, Fiberglass and composite materials. The selection of one material over another depends on the Size, Quantity of a project build. For example, the fabrication of a 6 foot Airplane model would be built out of fiberglass because a wooden version would be far too heavy. On the other hand, a single order 16 inch model Aircraft would be fabricated out of wood, resin and composite materials. It is far more cost effective to fabricate a single model from wood. The process of producing anything out of fiberglass requires the creation of a MOLD. The Mold Casting process is 200% longer than carving a wooden aircraft model.

The decision to select fiberglass or resin over wood depends on the size and volume. If a customer wants 20 to 50 aircraft models of the same size and shape, the creation of a mold would INITIALLY take a lot of time and effort. The benefits would be realized when the Mold is used to created batches of 20 casted models.

Every Modelworks order is evaluated on a case by case basis. The decision is impacted by the size, cost and volume of each order. The decision to use wood, fiberglass and resin is quite straightforward. Experience the Modelworks Difference today!   More blogs. . .