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An innovative company maintaining impressive growth trajectory despite COVID-19 pandemic



Modelworks Direct has set a benchmark for its peers by enabling its employees to effectively fight COVID-19 while working from home.

San Dimas, California, USA – March 22, 2022 

The prevailing COVID pandemic has wiped out businesses across the planet. Restaurants were forced to close while manufacturing plants were forced to shut down their production lines. With the restrictions on organizations, many employees are facing redundancies, and further, it is expected that a plethora of businesses is facing closure or downsizing due to the uncertainty brought by the Covid pandemic.

Small businesses like ModelWorks Direct are one of the hardest-hit sectors to feel the impact of the Covid pandemic. Some businesses have suffered heavy losses while others have had to close. Moreover, most of them trying businesses may not see an exit from their income issues as the time to come is definitely uncertain.

In contrast, Modelworks Direct has continued to grow impressively even during the Covid pandemic. The company’s workforce reflects the steady growth of the company. With a global workforce now of over 300 employees, including 330 employees, ModelWorks Direct has grown over 35% over the past year and is still hiring. In fact, they have ramped up production and profits have skyrocketed. Let’s go down how they made it possible. Our unmatched successful business model can inspire other businesses to make some suggestions.

A key reason for the growth of the business and this positive trajectory is the highly consistent implementation of the company’s internal pandemic strategy that has contributed greatly to the business’s success over the past year. Modelworks Directs employees are successfully working from home flexibly. Even before the pandemic, due in no small part to its many professional teams, the company was technically well-equipped to adapt to working remotely without any disruption.

They make custom aircraft models, handcrafted ship models, and custom car models that are not your standard model at Walmart or your typical toy store. They replicate and scale down real boats, planes, cars, and more. Employees and subcontractors can complete their projects while working from the comfort of their homes. He needs to return to office after only a few weeks to complete his completed project and collect his salary. Models are typically built in 6-8 weeks and are exported from the Philippines to over 100 countries around the world.

“We have successfully maintained our growth strategy even during the pandemic. At the same time, we are focused on the needs of our customers and respond quickly and flexibly to new requirements as a trusted partner,” explains Herman Bongco, Founder and CEO, ModelWorks Direct. “Existing Financial Over the year, we are more committed to providing our growing customer base with state-of-the-art model services. With the help of our dedicated teams working from home, we will be able to grow our products even more rapidly in the future. “

Unlike local companies, ModelWorks Direct is not dependent on a single local economy. Since they ship models to 100 countries, they are not dependent on any one country or city that creates impeccable opportunities for them to survive and thrive!

Modelworks direct

About Modelworks Direct:

Based in San Dimas, California, Modelworks Direct is a custom-scale model company. The company creates the world’s best handmade models from its customers’ photographs and other specific needs. Models produced are museum-quality civilian, military, airline, and display models. These include airplanes, helicopters, ships, boats, sailboats, space shuttles and the newly launched ocean line. With superb craftsmanship, coupled with the inherent appeal of airplanes, Modelworks Direct is committed to the scintillating pursuit of innovation by providing its customers with second-to-none products at affordable prices.

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