Step into the world of luxury travel with the Gulfstream G200 private jet, the ultimate ally for corporate travelers seeking comfort, convenience, and style. Originally named the Astra Galaxy, this long-range aircraft redefines the flying experience, offering unparalleled comfort, spaciousness, and exceptional performance.

Comfort and Convenience Redefined

gulfstream 200

The Gulfstream G200 is designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable ambiance for passengers. With its spacious cabin, accommodating 8 to 9 passengers, and portable features, such as delightful meal options and meeting amenities, every journey becomes a pleasurable experience. Oval windows adorn the cabin, offering breathtaking views of the skies as you soar to your destination.


Unmatched Spaciousness and Comfort

Experience the epitome of luxury with the Gulfstream G200’s spacious cabin and baggage compartment. Whether embarking on a long-range flight or staying at your destination for several days, this aircraft ensures you remain comfortable and well-rested throughout your journey. With the capacity to accommodate up to 18 passengers, including 2 captains and 1 cabin crew, the Gulfstream G200 sets the standard for in-flight comfort and convenience.


Impressive Performance Features

gulfstream 200

Equipped with exceptional performance features, the Gulfstream G200 is your ideal ally for international travel. With a maximum speed of 482 knots and a range of 3,400 nautical miles, this aircraft offers unparalleled speed, range, and ceiling. Cruise effortlessly at 45,000 feet, enjoying a smooth and swift journey to your destination. With an estimated flight time of 5 hours, the Gulfstream G200 ensures you arrive at your destination swiftly and comfortably.


A Legacy of Excellence

The Gulfstream G200 is a testament to excellence and innovation in aviation. Produced through a collaboration between Gulfstream Aerospace and the Russian Yakovlev Design Bureau, this aircraft has earned a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and performance. With approximately 250 units in operation worldwide, the Gulfstream G200 continues to set the standard for luxury travel, catering to the needs of both private flight passengers and charter businesses.


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Gulfstream 200

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