Can Anyone Build Airplane Models for Fun?

Can Anyone Build Airplane Models for Fun

PHOTO | ModelWorks Direct Classic airplane model

An airplane model is either a miniature masterpiece, or large scale wonder crafted by a very skilled person. It is worth noting that the best airplane models undergo thorough conceptualization, creation, and production, and takes up a lot of time and effort.

Model makers, or the “professionals” responsible for completing airplane models are comparable to esteemed surgeons, who have a steady hand and an impeccable attention to detail. They all think that one mistake could ruin everything. One simple airplane model (small-sized) can take more than 400 hours of build time fabrication.

Now, what if an ordinary person, or a starting hobbyist wants to build airplane models just for fun? Is it possible? Or is it recipe to an inevitable disaster?

All experts start from being apprenticed. They, too, were once very anxious about creating models, given they don’t have any experience. But as they do it again and again, they learn the process and art of model making and also improve over time.


Getting the right kit, getting the right skills

There are many individuals, albeit not professional model makers or fabricators, who collect and build model airplanes with airplane kits. They find prolific manufacturers of airplane model kits, buy it, then assemble it piece by piece. For them, collecting airplane models is not just a hobby.

It also helps relieve some of the stress of day-to-day activities, as well as work on focus and concentration.

Model making may seem like a simple task, but it’s actually quite complex. There are several stages involved in order to complete the project. These are:

  • When you buy an airplane model kit, you’d already see the instructions, including the step-by-step guide on how to assemble and finish it. It will also give you a bit of background about the particular airplane model you’re working on. However, to appreciate it more, and to understand the aircraft much better, it pays to do research and just read about its history. It may not necessarily help with the actual model making process, but this will make your model more interesting, especially if you know why it was built in the first place.
  • Just because you already have the instructions laid out for you doesn’t mean you’re going to forget about due diligence. Read the instructions carefully before assembling the parts together.
  • Remove the parts from the sprues using a clean and a small pair of scissors or shears. Don’t be too excited, as you don’t want to ruin or damage the pieces.
  • Often used to create holes in metal parts and fit in another airplane part. Some model kits require drilling, while most don’t. Again, this is where the importance of reading the instructions comes in. Assembling the aircraft should first be done in your head, before doing it in actual.
  • A tricky task that will challenge your focus, concentration, and accuracy.
  • If done correctly, it will smooth out the airplane model’s surfaces. If done horribly, it will cause imperfections to form on the airplane model’s surfaces. Make sure you have the right tools, and know the right way to do sanding.
  • Time to assemble the parts together! Using the glue, or any other required proper adhesion, is very critical because it will decide how your airplane model will look like. Remember to heck the parts to be put together and, fit, adjust, and readhere. It may also be necessary to clamp two parts together until the glue sets. Do this until you’re finished with your masterpiece!
  • What’s an airplane model without a pop of color? Make sure you have a nice brush (not one with exploding bristles) and always paint in one direction. If the instructions also advise to create a weathering effect, make sure you research on it first.
  • After painting, you can work on the other small additional features on the airplane model. These features vary per aircraft.
  • It’s not just your model making skills that’s put to the test. Once you’ve completed your airplane model, it is now time to document the masterpiece by taking lots of good photos.

Create your own art

You may not be an actual model maker. But building your own model with a kit lets you create your own art. Sure, it has a step-by-step instruction, and it won’t require your ideas on how to assemble each part, but there is room for incorporating a personal flair, especially when it comes to painting.

You can start creating airplane models and follow the instructions as the guide. Once you’ve mastered the process, you can add your personal touch on the following kits. There’s a reason why there are paint-by-number kits as well. It’s the same thing with having an airplane model kit.

For the aspiring painters who don’t know how to paint, they can create a masterpiece painting by number. For the aspiring model makers, they can assemble an airplane model step-by-step.

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