This Place Has the World’s Largest Private Vintage Aircraft Model Collection

This Place Has the Worlds Largest Private Vintage Aircraft Model Collection

PHOTO |  Fantasy of Flight    Golden age of the aviation industry

Aviation enthusiasts all have a simple dream, and it’s having a big collection of good, quality aircraft models – reminiscent of their glory days in flying, or which serves as a reminder of their passion for winged machines that rule the sky!

What do you do if you see a huge collection of aircraft models? You’re in luck. It’s basically a gold mine that will keep you from leaving the room, because surely you’ll opt to study and appreciate the very treasured items right in front of you!

This must be the case for aviation enthusiasts who have visited the Fantasy of Flight. It is the home to the world’s greatest collection of vintage aircrafts – full of Historic, awe-inspiring time machines – flown every day. The place has earned the approval and admiration of many knowledgeable aviators, and continues to impress those with dreams of soaring above the clouds.

The place is filled with plentiful vintage aircraft from several aviation eras for the enjoyment of all types of visitors from all walks of life, and especially those who hold the aviation industry dear to their heart.

What are the aircrafts displayed in the museum?

If you don’t have your own aircraft model collection, you might as well appreciate what this place has collected (and took care of!) just to share with people like you.

The list of aircraft models found in Fantasy of Flight includes:

  • Martin B-26 Marauder
  • Polikarpov PO-2
  • Sopwith Pup
  • DeHavilland DH-4
  • Morane A-1
  • Standard E-1
  • Curtiss Pusher Model D
  • Gee Bee Z
  • Gee Bee R-2
  • Gee Bee Y
  • DGA-5 “Ike”
  • B-24J LIberator
  • Travel Air 4000
  • Nieuport 17
  • Laird Super Solution
  • Brown B1
  • Brown B2
  • Lockheed L1649 Starliner
  • Consolidated PBY
  • North American P-51D Mustang
  • Piper L-4 Grasshopper

Not to mention, they also showcase a “Kermit Collection,” which highlights the very first aircrafts used by bold men and women in reaching the skies and flying to their heart’s delight. This collection, albeit not included in the museum’s showing, has the following:

Early Flight aircrafts (these are rare aircrafts used a long, long time ago)

  • 1913 Benoist XIV (called “The Lark of Duluth,” a small biplane flying boat built in 1913)
  • 1916 Brock Morane (aircraft model with a unique wing-warping technique, like a bird that actually “twists” just one wing up, then the other wing “twists” down)
  • 1911 Curtiss Pusher Model D (early United States pusher aircraft)
  • 1909 Herring-Curtiss Pusher (called a foreplane which has both a front and a tail canard)
  • 1911 Valkyrie (used by the training pilots for the fledgling Royal Flying Corps)

WWI aircrafts (aircraft models which are used in the military warfare)

  • 1917 Albatros D-Va (once said to be the most feared aircraft in battle)
  • 1917 Fokker DR-1 Triplane (great dogfighter aircraft due to its great climbing and turning ability in the sky)
  • 1918 Fokker D-VIII (last German fighter designed and built by Anthony Fokker during World War I)
  • 1918 Morane A-I (it was used in the combat during the last months of World War I)
  • 1915 Nieuport 17 (agile and fast aircraft model used by French, British, Italian, and Belgian squadrons during the war)
  • 1918 Standard E-1 (airfield defense fighter)
  • 1917 Standard J-1 (one of the four aircrafts used to chase down Mexican bandit Pancho Villa)
  • 1918 Thomas Morse Scout (single-seat fighter used by U.S. Air Service, also known as “Tommy”)

Golden Age aircrafts (defined as the air celebrities or heroes and ristakers, which are great racers, the record-breakers, and the advent of the airlines)

  • 1938 AVRO Cadet (mainly used by the flying clubs)
  • 1934 Brown B-2 “Miss Los Angeles” (known as one of the fiercest and most competitive aircrafts of the Golden Age air races— and truly the NASCAR of its day)
  • 1937 Bücker Jungmeister (airshow demonstration aircraft loved by many enthusiasts)
  • 1934 Cierva C.30-A Autogiro (display aircraft model)
  • 1929 Curtiss Robin (deemed as an affordable and practical aircraft during the Golden Age)
  • 1931 Curtiss-Wright Junior (aircraft said to be like an “automobile in the medium price class”)
  • 1932 DGA-5 “IKE” (one of the smallest and quickest aircraft in the 1932 races)
  • 1929 Ford 5AT Tri-Motor (aircraft model that was introduced when public distrust for aviation aircrafts was at an all time high)
  • 1932 Gee Bee R-2 (the replica of famed Granville Brothers Gee Bee racer)
  • 1931 Gee Bee Y Sportster (a wire-braced low-wing monoplane of conventional construction)
  • 1931 Gee Bee Z (racer aircraft)
  • 1931 Laird Super Solution (racer aircraft)
  • 1934 Pitcairn Autogiro PA-18 (interesting and unique aircraft)
  • 1930 Sikorsky S-39 (also one of the interesting and eye-catching aircrafts of this day)
  • 1927 Spirit of St. Louis (a replica of the “Ryan NYP” Charles Lindbergh flew from New York to Paris)
  • 1931 Stinson Tri-Motor (aircraft made by Stinson Airliner)
  • 1941 Stinson Vultee L-1E (liaison aircraft used during the WWII)
  • 1929 Travel Air 4000 (copied from the famous Fokker D-VII fighter from World War I)

There are also the WWII aircrafts (improved aircraft models from WWI, used to meet wartime demand, and used by heroic aircrews fly swift fighters, including potent bombers as well as liaison and utility aircraft of many nations), and last but definitely not the least, the Korean War or Post WWII aircrafts (aircraft models of this age were recognized for its unparalleled innovation and performance in the aviation field).

Do you love looking at big aircraft model collections to feed your satisfaction? How did you find this museum?