Subaru WRX 2006 Custom Car Model

12 "クリアキャノピー
価格: $1500

This second-generation Subaru is custom made from wood with a 12” clear canopy. It also comes with an interior detail with base. This model costs US$1,500 with free shipping.

Japan introduced the Subaru WRX 2006 as the “New Age Impreza”. The vehicle comes with four doors despite being categorized as a sports car. Your customized Subaru WRX 2006 can be fabricated with your chosen color scheme, body modifications, wheels, suspension adjustment, and license plate. The Impreza is the counterpart of Mitsubishi’s Lancer and Lancer Evolution. Subaru offered front and all-wheel drive layouts for the Impreza. MODELWORKS Direct has produced a fascinating replica for this Subaru Impreza.