Gulfstream G-280 Model

16 " ソリッドキャノピー
署名プレート $5.00 ロゴ $10.00

A business jet aircraft built by Israel Aerospace Industries for Gulfstream in late 2009. The luxurious interior and the aerodynamic design of the wings and empennage made 280 a go-to air transport for businessmen and executives. It has a new engine compared to the G-200 aircraft model. The cabin has access to the baggage compartment and now has four more windows. Do you want the scale model of G-280 with a different window tint or stripe color? Prefers specific markings and stickers to be placed on the airplane model body? We’ll craft it for you! Are confused on what to order? You can browse our gallery for other custom aircraft models and model airplane kits but I highly suggest you should go for this Gulfstream G-280 for starters.