Landing Ship Tank

Product Description

Modelworks Direct excels in the field of Ship Model Making. The company is owned and managed by an architect and a master fabricator, which proves that the products are of high-quality that come from our factory. Crafted from mahogany, resin, metals, and other composite materials, this Landing Ship Tank presents an ingenuity that is one-of-a-kind. For a longer-lasting efficiency, this Ship Tank is properly coated and painted in multiple layers.

With the use of a 4-terabyte database, each custom model is fabricated in elaborate blueprints and photos to ensure the clients get their expected outcome. Each model is built by our very own artisans who went through intensive training and workshops. You can customize this Landing Ship Tank Model as it comes with a removable high gloss base where you can inscribe your company logo and brand.

This craft model is similar to the ww2 (World War 2) Landing Ship Tanks, together with the other Landing Ships, namely: Landing Ship Dock Model, Landing Ship Infantry Model, Landing Ship Medium Model and the others.

Good to Know
Landing Ship Tanks were designed for naval works during the World War II, to upkeep operations in both land and water by bringing landing cargoes, troops and vehicles onto an unworked islands. They were originally developed by the British Royal Navy, but later developed by the US Navy in a series of versions.

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ITEM: Ship Landing Ship Tank
Manufacturer: United States Navy
Aircraft Custom Made Model


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