Cirrus SR-22 G3

Product Description

Globally renowned for making model aircraft, Modelworks Direct continues to provide excellent service to its clients. Providing high-quality solutions to model aircraft needs, the company has set the standard all over the world under the supervision of a master fabricator and an architect who ensure that every design is crafted efficiently. The superb combination of mahogany, resin, metals and other composite materials make this Cirrus SR-22 an exceptional model. With its multilayer coating and seal, this G3 will surely last a lifetime.

Modelworks makes use of a 4-terabyte database, blueprints and customer photos to fabricate each custom model. Craftsmen at ModelWorks Direct are highly-trained to produce only the best custom models. This Cirrus aircraft’s base can be removed and can also be customized for your company’s brand and logo.

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ITEM: Aircraft SR-22 G3
Aircraft Custom Made Model


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