1900 Postal Vehicle

Product Description

Globally renowned for making model vehicles, Modelworks Direct continues to provide excellent service to its clients. Providing high-quality solutions to model vehicle needs, the company has set the standard all over the world under the supervision of a master fabricator and an architect who ensure that every design is crafted efficiently. But wait, there's more. ModelWorks Direct not only focuses on making aircraft models but also creates car models. This 1900 Postal Vehicle is an exceptional model that proves how awesome the ModelWorks Direct is. With its multilayer coating and seal, this vehicle will surely last a lifetime.

Modelworks makes use of a 4-terabyte database, blueprints and customer photos to fabricate each custom model. Craftsmen at ModelWorks Direct are highly-trained to produce only the best custom models. This Postal car’s base can be removed and can also be customized for your company’s brand and logo.

Product Code

ITEM: Aircraft Legacy 450
Manufacturer: Embraer
Aircraft Custom Made Model


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