If you ask sir, Norman Foster, which one is his favorite building, you will find that it’s not the building but an airplane. And it is not any airplane but the Boeing 747 which is the pinnacle of commercial aviation. The fact is that we call it an airplane, not a building and engineering rather than architecture. It is a hangover for me that what we have here is called a real architectural design both in design and thinking. He said once in BBC show building sights.

It is particularly known as the queen of the skies and the Boeing 747 revolutionize air travel when it starts in the 1970s allowing travelers to faster than ever before and with more flair than ever before. And more than 50 years later, its design legacy lives in contemporary aircraft and the heart of aviation lovers.


Between 1903-1939, the aviation industry escalated with the Wright Brothers’ spruce plane was the first jet with excellent engineering. From there, the commercial aviation industry takes off and enter the golden age of flights where passengers donned their finest suits and dresses to board a plane and wined and dined on white table clothes at cruising altitude. It was the largest and most impressive plane of that time 225 ft long and 60 feet tall and the world’s first jumbo jet.

boeing interior

The main thing that captured the attention of the plane was that it was the biggest airplane of that time. Senior corporate historian Michael J Lombardi said that when we talk about the 707 which was the biggest airplane of that time, the 747 is twice the size.


The aircraft was not working in commercial aviation in its starting phase but in the military. In 1960, the US army was looking for an aircraft for cargo and troop transport and it tapped into the expertise of the Boeing 747 worked here and it start working for it. While the Boeing company did not win the contract and went to Lockheed Martin for the C-5 galaxy and the company developed the Boeing 747.


The team under the leadership of Joe Sutter known as the team of incredibly worked at a lightning-fast speed and developed this plane in 29 months within a paltry budget. Boeing directed the majority of its resources to other essential projects in between like Apollo’s mission and the development of supersonic transport which was supposed to be the future of passenger air travel. 


The Boeing 747 was originally designed for ferry passengers for just a few years and was later on converted into a cargo carrier. And it was the cargo purpose that led to the aircraft defining exterior design elements of her hump. The Lombard says “The best way to load freight is straight to do with the length of the fuselage. They thought that the best way to do this with the 747 is to tilt up its nose”. If you do this on a conventional airplane, the flight deck is right there in the way and so is the way to fix that to put the flight deck on the fuselage.


The hump is the key feature of the design feature abroad the aircraft and due to aerodynamics, the hump has to extend behind the cockpit, leaving space. Pan Am founder and aviation giant who ordered the 25 747 for his airline in 1966 can be credited with defining this space. Boeing said that we could use this as a crew rest area and that would be our first-class lounge.


For a designer, the first advantage of this aircraft is the largest available surface area of 4,500 square feet on two decks. With such potential, most of the small aircraft’s surface area was lifted. It is therefore, we can give much comfort to the passenger similar to a yacht or house.


Another private use for 747 is likely to continue for some years to come as president Air Force One is always one of the best and biggest airplanes that America can build and this is why it will be 747. 




The Boeing 747 is one of the elite creations of top-class aircraft. Earlier, small aircraft were built in the initial airplane development but soon with the luxurious developments, Boeing 747 become the primary choice for commercial aviation and Boeing 747 soon become the first choice of passengers due to comfort and luxury. It was the first aircraft built by Wright Brothers and was soon adopted by the aviation industry for commercial aviation which was earlier used for military purposes. 


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