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Icon A5 aircraft

The Icon A5 is a small but mighty aircraft that packs a powerful punch in terms of safety, performance, and design. Its unique features make it one of the most innovative planes on the market, offering pilots a thrilling flying experience with peace of mind. In this article, we will delve deeper into the Icon A5’s features, safety measures, design, and engine specs.


Design and Features

The Icon A5 is a masterpiece in terms of design and features. The plane’s exterior is sleek and streamlined, with a distinctive, angular shape that makes it stand out from other aircraft. Its unique shape not only gives it a stylish look but also enhances its aerodynamic performance.

Inside, the Icon A5’s cockpit is designed to be simple and intuitive, with easy-to-navigate controls that make flying a breeze. The plane’s large windows provide an expansive view of the surrounding area, making it easy to spot landmarks and navigate the terrain.


Safety Measures

One of the most remarkable features of the Icon A5 is its advanced safety measures. It is designed to be one of the safest planes in the world, thanks to its innovative design and engineering.

One of the standout safety features of the Icon A5 is its ability to take off and land on water, making it an ideal choice for pilots who want to explore remote areas or travel to destinations that are only accessible by water. The plane’s full-airframe parachute system is also a key safety feature that can save lives in case of an emergency.

The Icon A5’s reinforced cockpit provides excellent protection for the pilot and passenger in the event of a crash. The plane’s safety features are not only designed to protect the occupants but also to prevent accidents from happening in the first place.


Engine Specs

The Icon A5’s engine is a Rotax 912 iS, which is one of the most reliable engines on the market. It provides plenty of power for quick takeoffs and smooth flights, making it a joy to fly. The engine’s fuel efficiency is also impressive, which is critical for a small aircraft that relies on a limited fuel supply.

The plane’s top speed of 109 knots and range of 427 nautical miles make it an ideal choice for short trips and weekend getaways. It can cover long distances without needing to refuel, making it perfect for pilots who want to explore new destinations without worrying about fuel stops.


The Icon A5 model

ModelWorks Direct is an expert in producing museum-quality wooden models that are unrivaled in terms of precision and craftsmanship. Their Icon A5 model is a prime example of their exceptional work, as it is made with top-of-the-line materials, including handcrafted quality wood, and accurately captures the design of the aircraft.

What distinguishes ModelWorks Direct from other model-making companies is their ability to tailor each model to the customer’s preferences. They offer a wide array of customization options, such as custom paint jobs, tail numbers, and other unique features that add a personal touch and make the model truly unique.



The Icon A5 is a remarkable aircraft that combines safety, performance, and design in a unique way. Its advanced safety measures, intuitive cockpit, and sleek design make it one of the most innovative planes on the market. The Icon A5 is perfect for pilots who want to experience the thrill of flying in a small, lightweight plane without compromising on safety or comfort. Its powerful engine, top speed, and range also make it an ideal choice for weekend getaways and short trips. The Icon A5 is truly the smallest but safest plane on earth, and it is sure to delight pilots and aviation enthusiasts around the world.